Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Park Cafe at Royal Pacific Hotel (@RoyalPacificHTL) Mall.

Upon returning from our overnight stay in Macau, we are checking back in to the Royal Pacific Hotel and Tower for one more night before flying to Japan.

We arrived back a little prior to noon and our room isn't going to be available until around 2pm, the normal check in time at this hotel.  Luckily, the shopping center area connected to this hotel is blanketed with free wifi!  I am a little disappointed that they don't just extend the wifi into the actual lobby or rooms of the hotel (for free), but some free wifi is better than none!  (I was unable to find any free wifi in Macau.)

This one area in the mall has become our Hong Kong office branch for this trip.  It is equipped with a large flat panel TV airing the local news and three web enabled PC terminals available for free use.  It has a suggested usage limit of 15 minutes, but as far as I can tell unless someone is waiting it seems you could use it indefinitely.

The area has a few stools to sit at.  Unlike malls in Honolulu, it seems that the malls here lack seating areas except for those in restaurants.  I guess it's because they want you spending your money by shopping or dining rather than using free wifi! ;) hehe.

So anyway, while we were waiting for the room we had lunch at Park Cafe.  It is just below the lobby level of the hotel and sort of us the merge between hotel area and shopping center areas.  There are a few tables and seats that sprawl into the mall. 

We both ordered the three course menu for about 80 HK$ each ($10 USD).  It comes with a choice of soup or salad an entrée and a dessert.  We both had the soup and my entrée was the braised mushroom chicken and Kelli had the deep fried pork chop (the one that looks like tonkatsu with udon).  My chicken was great.  Nice and peppery, how I enjoy it.  Kelli's was good, but neither of us expected an udon type dish by reading the menu. 

As soon as we ordered, the waitress asked us to choose dessert.  We asked if we could choose later, but she recommended we make our selections now as they will run out.  I didn't believe that (it was 1215p and the case was full) but we made our selections, the matcha cake with red bean paste and the blueberry cheesecake.  About thirty minutes later, as we enjoyed our meal, it was to our surprise that the cake case began to appear bare!  In fact, all blueberry cheesecakes were gone (on hold on the little dish) and there was only 1 matcha cake left!!  Amazing!  I'm glad I listened to our waitress.

Both cakes were delicious.  I'm wondering what the orange colored fruit is that is garnishing the cheesecake.  Do you know?  Is it the "squash" that the Japanese air fresheners smell like?  That's my best guess.  It tasted sweet but tart with little seeds inside.  The skin is like a tomato, but the leaf resembles that of a squash or gourd type of plant.

Well it's time to get our room.  I hope you're enjoying my experience in Asia! :)

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