Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hong Kong's Repulse Beach & near by areas. Part 1 #HIasia #FB

Hong Kong's Repulse Beach & near by areas. #HIasia #FB

Our group had a half day tour to Repulse Beach and the other tourist spots that are nearby, like Stanley's Market.

Don't let the name turn you off.  Repulse Beach is not repulsive at all.  It is a spectacular beach area (and don't forget, I live in Hawaii!).  There are temples, godly figurines and other symbolic structures to worship along the cost.  This has to do with the ideal natural geography of the mountains dropping down toward this bay area.  It resembles the ideal set up in China's culture known as Feng Shui.  This is why the Victoria Hills area, above the beach, is one of the most prestigious residential real estate areas that big time millionaires and billionaires own.  I wouldn't mind owning a vacation condominium there myself!  He he one of these days.

The Stanley's Market area is like a bazaar of vendors peddling a variety of goods ranging from useless souvenir trinkets to common everyday necessities and clothes.  Not everything there is necessarily a bargain.  If you're familiar with Waikiki's International Market Place, this is very similar, but in my opinion the ambience at Stanley's is much "cooler".  Although, being from Honolulu probably has a lot to do with this.

Here are some photos I snapped during this tour.

PS- if you are the OCD type that cannot use public restrooms because they gross you out, be sure not to hold it with plans of using the restrooms at Repulse.  Apparently, the women's restroom was repulsive enough for Kelli to do a 180° turn and walk right out to wait for the next opportunity.  On a side note, most of the other public restrooms throughout Taiwan and Hong Kong have been very clean and comfortable.  Unlike public restrooms in Japan.


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