Saturday, October 23, 2010

Matsukiya near Karahashimae Station. #HIasia #FB

We just arrived at my cousin's town, Ishiyama in Shigaken.  After dropping our luggage at their house, we went for lunch at a restaurant that specializes in serving Oumigyu (近江牛肉), the specialty beef of the origin that is similar to Kobe's famous beef.

It is a small three story building just a few steps from the
Karahashimae train station.  The ground floor is a shop that sells the raw beef and the second and third floor the restaurant are where the restaurant seating are.  We sat at the second floor in the teppan grill seating.

I ordered the "Lady's lunch" because it was an assortment of food for 2800 yen.  Lots of beef tataki or raw beef dishes were part of the set.  It was delicious!

Kelli had the beef ginger fried rice.  It was also delicious!

If you're in the area, try it out.

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