Thursday, October 28, 2010

Iyemon Salon Kyoto 京都のお茶カフェイエモンサロン #HIasia #FB

While we were in Kyoto for one evening, we met up with some friends.  We first had dinner at Gogyo (the post prior to this) and then we went to have tea.  お茶しょうか。(Ocha shiou ka?)  Is a common Japanese question/invitation.  It translates to, "shall we have tea?".  It is just like it sounds, have tea, coffee and desserts while socializing.

We made it to Iyemon Salon just before last call for kitchen items.  There were some unusual items on the menu and I ordered one of them, the matcha soda or green tea soda.  It was very interesting.  Slightly bitter as it is served, but tastes nice after adding some sweetener.  I used a little of the dark molasses looking syrup that came with my panna cota or custard looking thing.

It is a very nice place in the city to have tea.  The front of their store has tea and souvenirs available for retail purchases.  The rear of the restaurant has a nice Japanese garden.  I wish I could've taken a photo of it.  I couldn't because there were too many other customers sitting around that area.

Iyemon Salon is a cool place!  I hope I can go there again some day.  If you're in Kyoto City check it out.  Their address and phone number are in the photo of the receipt.  If you're in Kyoto for a longer period, I'm sure you'll have tea and dango at other traditional places near temples and such places.  Iyemon is a different setting because it's a fancy place in the city.  :)


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