Tuesday, October 26, 2010

すし辰広島 sushi tatsu hiroshima #hiasia #fb

Today we had a kaiten sushi lunch at SUSHI TATSU in Hiroshima.  It is a kaiten sushi restaurant (the sushi goes around in circles).  There were some interesting varieties that they have there.  Take a look at the photos.

In one or two, you should see what looks like a giant mountain of negi toro (scallions & fatty tuna).  That was an unusual sighting.  I guess even in Japan they've started adding strange things at kaiten sushi restaurants.  I didn't see any spam today.  ;)

There's another photo of a pineapple going around the belt too!  Interesting!  おもしろかった!

Another neat thing was the tea powder at the table and a hot water dispenser to make your own green tea.  Fresh ocha whenever you want!  This ocha tasted good too and the cup/tea didn't taste like chlorinated sanitizer, like in Honolulu.  Check out the qik video link below to see a short clip of the お茶(tea) ceremony.  Hahaha.


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