Thursday, October 21, 2010

Using Hong Kong's Octopus Card to buy dessert. #HIasia #FB

Well tonight is our last night in Hong Kong.  When we arrived, we bought the Octopus Cards at the airport.  The cards were 150 HK$ each, but I believe $50 of it is a deposit for the card. 

We were advised to get the card to simplify using the subway.  The card is like a prepayment card so the subway or other transit fees are automatically subtracted from the amount deposited to your card.  I believe that means we started with a $100 balance.  We only rode the subway about four times.  I assumed it was probably only a few HK$ worth of use so knew that we had not used nearly enough of our balance and I don't think we get any of that reimbursed when we return the card for the deposit refund.  Of course we could just keep the card, but I have no idea when we'd be back in Hong Kong so we aren't.

We stopped at one of the jelly drink dessert shops that is near our hotel, The Royal Pacific Hotel and Tower on Canton Road.  This shop is on one of the little side streets and appears to be very popular with the young native language speakers so we tried it out.

I ordered the mango and herb jelly drink and Kelli ordered the mango and lychee drink.  They were both delicious.

When we ordered, I noticed they had the Octopus Card payment device on the counter so I gave it a try.  I paid for my drink and at least now I know I have 61.80 HK$  left on it.  I hope I can use that up and pay the balance in cash when I buy my Starbucks coffee in the morning.


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